Rachel's Status

Rachel's Status, April 17th-
** Demon Isle Witches Vol 5 in early publication stages! **Moving from SLC to MAINE :) THINGS are GETTING CRAZY as moving day gets closer! **For all Book Links & Info Visit the Website: www.racheldaigle.com **

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Demon Isle Witches Vol 5 GOING LIVE! LINKS UPDATED!

Hi all! Witches of The Demon Isle Volume 5 is going LIVE!
If you missed it, The Demon Isle got a MAKEOVER! (See below post)

Here's Volume 5:

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Read via NOOK

When addiotnal online stores go live I'll update the blog, thanks! And Enjoy :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

URGH! Barnes & Noble! Warning for Nook Readers!

Hi all! Just a warning for any NOOK readers out there!

We're in the midst of updates to The Demon Isle Series and the Nook Publishing system is up and then down, every few minutes or so. They are also having issues with old outdated info posting on the barnes and noble website ..... HOPEFULLY, this will all be fixed within a couple days but please be aware it's a mess right now. SORRY- nothing I can do but wait for them to get their system up and running again!

I'm also hoping this will not seriously delay publication of volume 5 in the series, but I'll keep everyone updated as much as possible, thanks!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Demon Isle Makeover & Volume 5 Update on Publication Progress

First- Vol 5 is in the early publication process! I'll keep everyone updated as it comes along :) Vol's 6-7 are still being finished. I REALLY wanted to release them a few days apart, but it will be a few weeks due to my moving from Utah to Maine... the journey starts in about a week! I'll be writing my way across the U.S. though.

Second- After MUCH thought and advice seeking, I've decided to give The Demon Isle Witches a makeover. This series is meant for teens and we're remaking it as such. (Stories are the same, just new covers and titles for each volume-see more below).

Third:  The above makeover will assist in the following, as per previously mentioned in a recent Book News & Alert Update....

A Full Disclosure Notice: I have gotten numerous messages/requests, wanting to know if there might ever be an "Adult" version of this series, since the characters are of that age. Meaning certain steamier scenes not fading to black and such :) Now admittedly, while this is not my area of expertise writing wise, I have decided to collaborate with another author to make this available to those who have asked for it. You ask, and I do my best to give you what you want!

To be perfectly clear: The Demon Isle Witches will continue as it is currently! Young Adult friendly, as I write them now. But sometime this spring/summer, there will be a new series called, Wicked Good Witches (The Demon Isle, Uncut).

It will be very clear that it is an adult version (not for readers under 18)!

The covers will look completely different, it will have a pen name that I and this other author will choose for our collaboration, it will have its own website/email list... it will be separate from my Young Adult titles.... there will be no confusion as to what's what. 

So in order to make all this happen, we're giving the YA version a nice makeover as well. 

You'll start to see these new covers popping up on the website, www.racheldaigle.com and in online bookstores over the next week or so. 

Here's a preview of the New Witches of The Demon Isle...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Demon Isle Witches Vol 5, in final stages!

HI all! Just a quick update to let Demon Isle Witches Fans that Volume 5, Firebrand Feyks, is in its final stages to get ready for publication :) Once I get it back from my editor it typically takes about 48 hours for it to go live.

I'll keep everyone posted as progress continues over the next few days, and send links once they do go live.

Also- to those that may have won a copy via previous promotions, etc, you'll be getting messages that include links to get your free copy after it's gone live, thanks! :)