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Witches of The Demon Isle, Volume 6 Preview- My Soul to Take

Volume 6, My Soul to Take

Witches of The Demon Isle Preview... 



****** SPOILER WARNING ******

Eva Jordan rushed into the house shouting for her father. She’d just run away from Charlie Howard, after lying to him that she was pregnant with his child.

Anthony Jordan appeared from out of the kitchen, meeting her in the hallway.

Eva proceeded to pass him, grab a suitcase and disappear into her room. “We have to leave. Now.”

He stood in her doorway, took a swig of coffee and asked, “Why?”

“Char- The Howards found us out! They’ll be here any minute.”

“I don’t think so,” her father disagreed, far too calmly considering she’d just told him they’d been found out.

Eva spun around, hands on her hips. “You think they’ll just ignore everything we’ve done? I killed that Guardian he was crazy about. I’m the alpha werewolf he thought he already killed. I don’t think he’ll have a problem killing me again. Is this vendetta of yours worth dying for?”

“It’s our vendetta,” her father reminded, adding, “He’s not going to kill you. I’ve made sure of that.”

 She narrowed her eyes suspiciously. “What aren’t you telling me?”

“What aren’t you telling me?” he returned.

“Games? Really?” She continued with her rushed packing.

“The Feyk took care of everything,” said Anthony. “Charlie Howard isn’t going to sacrifice his own child to kill you.”

She stopped, her eyes fuming with anger. How did he know?

“I might not win the father-of-the-year award, but you are my daughter. I know what’s been going on between you and Charlie.”

Instant anger and humiliation made her speechless.  

“I don’t blame you,” he continued. “It’s your wolves reacting to each other. Nature taking course. But, seeing as it was happening, I decided we could use it to our advantage.”

“Let me get this straight,” said Eva, her voice catching in her throat. “You let it continue, because you thought you could use it... me... to our advantage? And you did it all behind my back?”

“I couldn’t have stopped it regardless. Even if you’d told me and we’d discussed it first. You’d still have gone romping off at night with Charlie Howard.”

“You could have locked me up. Kept me away from him...”

“And have werewolf Charlie storming the house to get to you. You can’t fight nature, Eva.”

“I can’t believe you did this,” she stammered hotly. “We don’t have time to argue. They’re coming. Screw packing, let’s just go.”

“Eva, we’re not leaving,” said her father. “You need to calm yourself.”

“Calm down? Dad, I don’t think you’re getting the seriousness of what’s happened. It’s over! We came. We tried. We lost!”

“No. I do understand. But I’ve taken care of things, we have time.”

Eva bit her lip, so many choice words wanting to spew through them at her father, but what came out was, “The Feyk did do this to me, right? Please tell me I’m not actually pregnant...”

 “No. You’re not. But it’s real in the eyes of Charlie Howard. And real to your body, which is why you can’t shift.”

“And you don’t think that’s a bad idea? When does it wear off?”

“About twenty-four hours.”

“I don’t see how this gives us extra time, other than to get the hell off this island. Charlie will figure out I’m faking it.”

“Eva, I’m not leaving until I finish what I came here to do. Twenty-four more hours is all we need. We know where the location of the power source is and we just need to get inside. The Feyks have guaranteed me they have something special in store for the Howards. They won’t be concerned about us. And if we reach the power source, we won’t be the ones leaving The Demon Isle.”

Eva closed her eyes, fisting her hands. “And if we don’t succeed? Then what? I’ll ask it again, Dad. Is this vendetta worth dying for? Because I’m telling you, they’re coming for us, Feyks getting in their way or not.”

“I will avenge your mother’s murder with my own dying breath if I have to. The Howard’s will pay for killing her.”

“I want them to pay,” she agreed. “But maybe this is not the time. Maybe we need to try again, later, when we’re not dead!” She darted into the hallway scouring inside a basket for keys. They could drive to the ferry; there was one leaving in just a few minutes if they hurried.

Anthony followed her, a heavy sigh escaping his lips. “This is our one and only chance,” he besieged his daughter. “We’re so close. The Howards have been in control of this Isle for far too long. They go around killing anything that happens across their path, without a second thought. It has to end!”

“It’s not like Mom was just here vacationing,” spat out Eva. “She was here for you, Dad! Remember? Spying on the witches... searching for the mysterious power source.”

“She didn’t do anything that warranted her execution!” he shouted back, his rage level rising.

“We don’t know what happened! Only that the Howards killed her. Yes! I want them to pay for that. But not at the expense of our lives, too. Your obsession over the power source is going to get us both killed. Face it, Dad! This is Howard territory and we’re outnumbered.”

“We have the Feyks...”

“Not enough.”

“I’m not leaving,” said Anthony stubbornly. “I will avenge your mother, and if finding the power source and taking the Howards out of power requires my life, then that’s what I have to do.”

“Now, that is a sentiment I can agree with,” a voice spoke darkly.

Both Eva and Anthony swung around, facing the front door. They gazed into the villainous emerald green eyes of the vampire, William Wakefield. It was clear he’d heard everything.

“There’s just one thing you have wrong,” explained William. “It wasn’t the Howards who killed your wife, Mr. Jordan.”

“She died on the Isle.”

“True. And as you’re already aware, she was not innocent,” said William. “In reality, quite the contrary. She left no choice but to stop her, using any means necessary. Regardless, her life was not ended at the hands of a Howard.”

“I don’t believe you,” said Anthony.

“You should,” William spoke dangerously.

Anthony opened his mouth to speak but Eva blurted out, “Does Charlie know your here?”

“No. But that’s of no concern. I tracked your scent,” William admitted. “Well, I had been tracking Charlie’s and then came across yours...”

“He thinks I’m pregnant with his child, so don’t go getting any ideas. He’d never forgive you, would he? If you killed his child...”

“Except that you’re lying.”

“Will he believe you?” she asked smugly. “You know what, it doesn’t even matter. You can’t get into the house unless we invite you.” 

“And you would also be wrong on that count,” said William, taking a menacing step through the front door, standing inside.

“How?” she choked out.

“Myth,” he answered, his emerald green eyes shooting daggers of hatred in her direction. “I’m surprised in all your research Mr. Jordan, that you did not discover this.”

Anthony just grunted in reply.

“I should have put two and two together a long time ago,” William lamented. “Your mother was a shifter as well. She left an impression on me. More a deep hatred and distrust of all shifters. Although to be perfectly honest, I had no idea she was a werewolf. I guess in hindsight, it’s a good thing I bit her before ripping out her heart.”

“You?” wavered the voice of Anthony Jordan. “You killed her?”

“Yes.” William gnashed his fangs at them. “One bite would have done her in. Vampire venom from a bite is a death sentence for any werewolf,” he spoke to Eva.

Eva’s breaths grew heavy, low growls escaping her lips. Her father watched her eyes start to glow a golden yellow. “And if I remember correctly,” she warned, “a werewolf bite can return the favor.” She lunged before her father could stop her.

William moved so fast, Eva landed on the spot where he had been, only to spin around as she heard a snap and a crack, and saw William dropping her father’s limp body to the floor.

She gasped, disbelieving what she was seeing. “How- How could you?” she breathed out heavily.

“Oh, was I wrong in your intentions?” asked William evenly. “Are you not here to... how did you put it? Run the Howards off the Isle and take over...” With a blink, his green eyes turned black, daring her to attack him. It was time to end this. To fix his mistakes.

Eva’s fury erupted. She lunged forward intending on sinking her teeth into the vampire’s skin. But William was faster. He thrust out his arm, stopping her in mid air, wrapping his cold fingers around her throat.

“Where is the diary you stole from my desk?”

She refused to answer. His hand squeezed tighter.

“I’m only asking one more time,” he told her. “If you refuse, you’ll join your father and mother.”

Eva tried to shift into anything other than her human form, cursing that she could not until the fake pregnancy spell had worn off. She couldn’t shift, but she could still bite, and scratch. A scratch in her human form might make the vampire suffer for a day or two, but wouldn’t do any permanent damage. She’d have to get her teeth closer to his skin to have a fighting chance.

William turned and flung Eva into the living room. She crashed into a wall, but never hit the floor. William rushed in, caught her body and pinned her against the wall, his hands securely around her neck to keep her teeth at arms length. Even with her extra werewolf strength, she was not strong enough to weaken his grip. She scratched at him, her long nails slicing into his clothes, but not cutting into skin.

“Is this what the Howards do?” she asked through choking breaths. “Kill the competition?”

“This is what I do,” stated William. “And this isn’t a competition.”

“How many people have you killed for them?” she asked him.

“I don’t keep count.”

“My father was right. You’re out of control.”

“I’m in perfect control,” said William, squeezing harder. “I do what needs to be done. My job has been, and forever will be, to protect the Howards. When it comes to their lives, I do not play games. The diary?”  

“It’s over there,” Eva squeaked out, using her eyes to point over his shoulder.

William, surprised she caved, took a chance glance. He did not loosen his grip. “I don’t believe you,” he said, turning back to her.

“Go look for yourself.”

“So you can attempt escape? I don’t think so.”   

Eva didn’t see a way out. He had her pinned so that she could not bite him. And once he had the diary he’d have no need to keep her alive. 

THANKS fo reading! 

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Publication Updates for Fated Saga & Witches of The Demon Isle

Hello All! Update Time!

- Witches of The Demon Isle Vol's 6 and 7 are coming soon. I nearly had them finished during my move from Utah to Maine, but somehow lost some important pages during the journey. Finally found, I was able to move forward with those and they are nearly done! This will complete what I'm calling the first season, and YES, there will be more seasons.

- Fated Saga Books 8 and 9 are in various stages of not quite done. The pages continue to stack higher :) and I feel very confident about progress. They are the longest in the series! That much I can say for sure. So naturally they are taking longer then I thought to finish, edit and format, etc...

- Dates of release? Everyone wants to know this, but it always seems to backfire, so I'm not going to guess any exact dates. It all depends on when I call them finished and hand them over for editing and formatting for publication, etc...

I'm confident in saying August for Demon Isle and September-ish for Fated Saga.

DON'T hold me to those though :) Things can change the deeper I get into certain parts of the story. 

Other News and Publications....

- If you missed it, in the last few weeks I had toyed with making the Demon Isle books exclusive with Amazon. After much debate and feedback from fans, I decided NOT to do this. The Demon Isle books will continue to be available in all stores. Thanks for all your replies! This helped me a ton!

- Fated Saga Prequels and Sequels. YUP! They are happening.... not right away, obviously I will finish the original series I intended on writing first :) But there are possibly 2 prequels, and I think a trilogy sequel, where some of your favorite characters will return. Which ones? I cannot say, as that would be revealing too much :)

- A new series set within the world of the Fated Saga, starring a current character who shall for now, remain secret. Someone gets their hands on the B.O.D (Book of Doorways).... I'm super excited to explore these worlds and delve deeper into the B.O.D.

- I'm getting rid of my facebook pages! Why? Because frankly, FB makes it very hard to communicate with the people that have taken the time to LIKE the page. They also make it costly, and even with that cost, still don't let everyone see posts, etc. It's just not a fun place to hang out anymore. It's forced to be more of an advertising venue and I don't like/want that. So instead you can JOIN the Group!  I've been testing it and so far, I like it. Hopefully FB won't mess with the groups and we can actually have some fun there!

I think that's all for now..... 
Happy Summer!

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