Monday, December 15, 2014

Fated Saga Books 1-4 are Free on Amazon Kindle, Nook Book, I-Tunes

So I woke up this morning and got online to see that Books 1-4 in the Fated Saga Fantasy Series are currently FREE on Amazon Kindle

Grab'em fast, no idea how long they will be free. 

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Here's the links: 

Barnes and Noble Nook Book Free Links:

I-Books/I-Tunes Free Links:

Sunday, December 14, 2014

For Fated Saga Fans! Heads Up!

Hello Fated Saga Fans!

So much change, house cleaning and writing going on!

And as always, I'm doing my best to let everyone know.

For Fated fans that came to the series via the Firemancer, Magicante and Projector Book Bundles (same exact story, just bundled into box sets): 

It has been decided to take down these bundles. No worries, all the books are available as standalone titles. Initially, the bundles were put together for a specific promotion and they were so popular (people just adored the covers!), that the choice was made to keep them around.

However, it has also confused a lot of people into thinking they have missed a book in the series, or that it's another series entirely, which of course was not the intent at all! So to keep things simple for all of us, the bundles are being removed and it will be back to just the standalone titles.

I apologize to those that really loved the covers. And to those that were confused. I think this will be the best move to make it easier for everyone, the writer and the readers alike :)

Books in the Fated Series (please do read in order)

Book 1, Awaken
Book 2, Shifting
Book 3, Embrace

Book 4, Broken
Book 5, Divided

Book 6, Taken
Book 7, Control

Book 8, 9 still to come!

For all Links visit 

I'm sorry this has caused confusion. You'll see the bundles removed from the online stores and the website in the next few days. It was a fun experiment but the last thing intended was causing confusion :)

If you have any questions, as always, contact me at
Just note my schedule is crazy busy so please be patient for a response. I just can't respond as fast as I could in the past.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

KOBO Readers and WoTDI Fans, Season Box Set Update

KOBO readers! SORRY! 

Things with the new distributor are unfortunately SLOW, and most of the Fated Saga books have not shown up in the kobo store yet. Witches of The Demon Isle is live.

I will post links as the books do become available. I hope to have all books available again soon, but kobo is VERY slow to publish things and there's not much to do but wait.

WoTDI FANS (Witches of The Demon Isle Fans) ... just a heads up that the Season One Bundle is being removed from barnes and noble and amazon for a time. I'll repost links once the new season bundle is available. For now, each book can be purchased separately, just visit for all book links, thanks.

*** UPDATE *** 12/18/2014 **** Kobo Readers, the Books are finally live in the Kobo store. Looks for the links to be updated on the website at some point today. THANKS!!!! 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

.99 Fated Saga Book Sale Ending SOON!

Heads up! The .99 Fated Saga Book Sale is supposed to be live until 13 Dec, however due to some kind of glitch in certain online stores, some of the prices have started to revert back to normal! 


It's like a chain reaction of price matching and not much I can do to control it. 

So grab'em fast if you hadn't yet, just in case!