Sunday, February 1, 2015

FEB 2015 Giveaway is LIVE

The FEB 2015 Monthly Giveaway is Now Live!

New Prizes, New Entries!

Autographed Fated Saga & WoTDI Books
PLUS The Jim Henson Hardcover Collection


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Wicked Good Witches Volume 5 Now Available on Amazon Kindle

Hello readers of Wicked Good Witches!

(Witches of The Demon Isle, the Uncut version of the series for Mature readers over 18). 

Volume 5, 
A Nightmare to Remember, 
is available on 

Amazon Kindle


Coming soon to other stores. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Fated Fans- Firemancer, Magicante & Grosvenor Collections are Back!

Hi guys... so after my last email to Fated Saga fans, in which I announced the removal of the Fated Saga Box Sets in the form of the Firemancer, Magicante and Grosvenor Box Set Collections, I got quite a few responses asking for this NOT to happen. 

So after much thought and discussion they will be returning! At the moment, only to Amazon Kindle and in paperback, and in the near future to other online stores as well. Check out the website for links as they return over the upcoming days/weeks. 

Mainly, many readers who had purchased these stories via this collection want to be able to finish the series within this collection of boxed sets. And I do understand this, so am obliging this request. 

If you missed it, the reason I took them down was to avoid confusion. Some readers thought they were different books in the Fated Series that they had missed. So to avoid confusion I'll do my best to be clear on the website, etc...  for those that need clarification.... 

The Firemancer Box Set includes books 1-3 in the Fated Saga. 
The Magicante Box Set includes books 4-5 in the Fated Saga. 
The Grosvenor Box Set includes books 6-7 in the Fated Saga. 

Same stories that you read when you get them as standalone titles. If you need a complete list of books, in order of publication, you can now visit the new page on the blog :) it is a complete list of all currently published books, plus a few upcoming projects.

I'm always looking for ways to improve the blog and website, and give you guys access to the info you need and want. It helps a ton when you guys send in responses to emails, or have suggestions on what you'd like to see on the blog or website. I do my best to oblige if it's at all possible to do so. 

Thanks guys!

And Fated Fans- Please note, I'm working VERY VERY hard to get the next books in the series finished! :)