Saturday, October 4, 2014

Firemancer, Magicante, Grosvenor Collections now in Paperback

Hi all! 
Just a quick not to let you know that the Fated Saga Collection Bundles 
are now available in paperback, via Amazon.
Also- I'm going to be mostly offline the next few weeks... WRITING the Fated Saga Books!!! 
So I'll be slow to respond to emails and such. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Publication Updates for Fated Saga & Witches of The Demon Isle

Hello All! Update Time!

- Witches of The Demon Isle Vol's 6 and 7 are coming soon. I nearly had them finished during my move from Utah to Maine, but somehow lost some important pages during the journey. Finally found, I was able to move forward with those and they are nearly done! This will complete what I'm calling the first season, and YES, there will be more seasons.

- Fated Saga Books 8 and 9 are in various stages of not quite done. The pages continue to stack higher :) and I feel very confident about progress. They are the longest in the series! That much I can say for sure. So naturally they are taking longer then I thought to finish, edit and format, etc...

- Dates of release? Everyone wants to know this, but it always seems to backfire, so I'm not going to guess any exact dates. It all depends on when I call them finished and hand them over for editing and formatting for publication, etc...

I'm confident in saying August for Demon Isle and September-ish for Fated Saga.

DON'T hold me to those though :) Things can change the deeper I get into certain parts of the story. 

Other News and Publications....

- If you missed it, in the last few weeks I had toyed with making the Demon Isle books exclusive with Amazon. After much debate and feedback from fans, I decided NOT to do this. The Demon Isle books will continue to be available in all stores. Thanks for all your replies! This helped me a ton!

- Fated Saga Prequels and Sequels. YUP! They are happening.... not right away, obviously I will finish the original series I intended on writing first :) But there are possibly 2 prequels, and I think a trilogy sequel, where some of your favorite characters will return. Which ones? I cannot say, as that would be revealing too much :)

- A new series set within the world of the Fated Saga, starring a current character who shall for now, remain secret. Someone gets their hands on the B.O.D (Book of Doorways).... I'm super excited to explore these worlds and delve deeper into the B.O.D.

- I'm getting rid of my facebook pages! Why? Because frankly, FB makes it very hard to communicate with the people that have taken the time to LIKE the page. They also make it costly, and even with that cost, still don't let everyone see posts, etc. It's just not a fun place to hang out anymore. It's forced to be more of an advertising venue and I don't like/want that. So instead you can JOIN the Group!  I've been testing it and so far, I like it. Hopefully FB won't mess with the groups and we can actually have some fun there!

I think that's all for now..... 
Happy Summer!