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First, as always, thanks for all your support and patience as I finish the writing of books 8 and 9 in the Fated Saga. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek into what's coming :)

Do NOT READ unless you’ve finished book 7 in the Fated Saga!

The Final Edition of the Jackal Lantern... By Kalila and Kalida Jackal

Things we learned after our deaths...

So we’re dead now! We’ve gotten over it and so should you! There’s too much at stake to mourn the lost lives of two old brandy drinkin’ fools! You learn so much after shedding your human life. So much truth...

Truths we will now reveal to you...

After dying, we did not move on, not right away. Kalida bless her soul, waited for me after her death, knowing that mine was not far behind. You see, I was her unfinished business as we’d promised many long years before, not to live apart and if at all possible, to die together.

After my death, I joined her and we found ourselves in Grimble. The afterlife waiting area for us magical folk that still have unfinished business to attend to. Apparently, our dying and moving on together was not our last business. We have one final edition of the Jackal Lantern to complete.  
And imagine our shock upon arriving in Grimble, to be met by a familiar face. Someone over sixteen year’s dead, but with a sorted history some of you might not be familiar with, but some of you may have pieced together. Someone that was hiding right under our noses the entire time we visited Grimble (with the Svoda). Someone who was recognized, so we’re told, by one Ivan Crane. A secret he has kept to this day. And we agree, a wise choice to do so!

And just who greeted us upon arrival into Grimble?

Why none other than the ghost of Colin Edward Gillivray!

Yes, the deceased fiancé of Juliska Nandalia Blackwell.

Often during his life called Edward or Eddy by those closest to him, most knowing Colin as his grandfather, who passed just a year before Edward, a young man just turned twenty-two. And to two young people just starting out their lives in the world of magic, Meghan and Colin Jacoby, he was known as Uncle Eddy.

Their uncle he is not, but a braver man there might never be.

Now, some of you may be under the impression that Edward Gillivray moved on. That he departed Grimble for good when he escorted the young ghost boy Timothy onward from this magical ghost town. But alas, you would be wrong in that assumption!

Because you see, Mr. Gillivray cannot move on. Ever. He’s bound to this magical in-between, forever. Why? Because he willingly and knowingly took his own life. An act that causes a ripple in the natural flow of life and death. A body taken from its human life before its time. There is no place for a soul removed before its time, so it lingers in the in-between. Forever.

And why take his own life? Knowingly sealing his fate to forever straddle the world of the living and the world of the dead, never to move on, never to rest in peace...

Well this is the very subject of our final Jackal Lantern, for Mr. Gillivray has graciously permitted us to tell his story. The true meaning behind his death.  

You may recall that the events surrounding Mr. Gillivray’s death were quite controversial. The morning of his impending betrothal to Juliska, he was found in the arms of another woman. He insisted his innocence in the matter and swore he was tricked, put under a spell. That it was not his own doing. This act wasn’t something he could ever knowingly do to the woman he loved so dearly.

Juliska’s heart broke. Shattered. One could practically see it crumble, whither and die right before ones very eyes. She could not hear any truth in the words he spoke. Her trust in Edward died that day.

Edward tried to prove his innocence but to no avail. Some believed his story, others did not, seeing no point in ruining the lives of two so much in love. What would be the purpose of such a terrible act? Many could not fathom the answer and believed him guilty, lacking the capability to believe there could be another truth.

Although, we are happy to say that two certain reporters did lean on the side of belief in Mr. Gillivray! Sadly though, when no proof surfaced to prove his claim, many who did believe him lost faith and chose to side with Juliska Blackwell. A bride scorned for a reason they could not imagine, other than betrayal by the man who claimed to love her.

We however, did not lose faith in Mr. Gillivray. Why? Something in his eyes. His voice. His very being, shouted to us that he spoke the truth. Something we are both mighty glad of having the sense to do now, seeing as we were right to think so!

Why could Juliska not see this?

We don’t have that answer other than to guess the hurt was too much. She had bravely stepped into the world of love and that love turned instantly into bitterness and hatred, flowing through her veins like fiery tendrils that would not allow her heart to heal.

We recall the tragic day that followed almost as if it was yesterday, the day we heard that Edward Gillivray had taken his own life. What a devastating turn of events. Many assumed he could not live with the guilt. Or perhaps he couldn’t live with a broken heart when unable to prove himself innocent and win back his true love.

Another assumption we have now learned is incorrect!

While Mr. Gillivray most certainly suffered a broken heart, this was not the reason behind his sacrifice. Did he betray his beloved Juliska? Yes! But not on his own accord.

Poor Mr. Gillivray was tricked into the arms of another woman. This is all true! But the real question is why? Why ruin the lives of two young people in love? The answer: one of those two people was Juliska Blackwell- descendent of the Shogharne, the same clan of Vampyre that became the Grosvenor. And Juliska made a terrible mistake... well, we could argue many more than one, but this was her first truly terrible miscalculation.

If you recall, Juliska was a member of the Svoda scouting party, which set out to locate a possible new location for our people to live, as we were outgrowing our precious Island. And during this journey she was taken captive by Jurekai Fazendiin. She learned of many things during this captivity. Mainly, whom she was, where she was from and that she was not a true member of the Svoda.

And where did she go wrong? Where did she make her mistake? She returned to the Svoda and the man she loved, believing that Jurekai Fazendiin would let her return unscathed, by all she had learned and he’d given her. She trusted him when he told her she was free to return to her old life.

In her belief of true love, she confided in Edward. She told him everything! Hoping that his love was more powerful than anything she’d found out about her history. She told him she was a Vampyre. That she was descended from the clan who became the Grosvenor. That Jurekai had returned her memories to her, something the Svoda could not do. And that even though her bloodline and her life began in one world, she wanted her life to be with Edward and the Svoda. She was grateful to know her history, but that’s all it was to her. History...

She told Edward that Fazendiin had freely allowed her to leave and to return to her life.

Then she told him the most important detail of all. That Jurekai Fazendiin had made her like him. Immortal, like the Grosvenor. She hadn’t wanted it. She did not ask for it, and was terrified when he did it, but he explained that her bloodline was special and needed to be protected. She feared this would frighten Edward, maybe even so much so that he’d break off their engagement. But instead, he told her he’d never forsake her, no matter what. And that her secret was safe with him. She could trust him with all her heart.

He was angry though. For the way she’d been treated by Fazendiin. That she now had to live with the knowledge that she would be immortal. He didn’t know what this would mean for them and their future. But he loved her unconditionally, and being young it didn't seem important. He also didn’t believe for a moment that Fazendiin would freely allow her to leave. He was the most feared of all the Grosvenor. Cunning. And definitely not trustworthy.

As the wedding day grew closer, Edward worried deeply over why Fazendiin had done this thing to his soon-to-be wife. Could he even protect her from him? Being a mere mortal of a man compared to the mighty Fazendiin.

Juliska knew what she’d confided to Edward was worrying him and she begged him to forget about it, regretting telling him, unable to bear the anguish it was causing him. She tried to play it off as wedding day jitters and pleaded with him not to think about it any longer. Soon, they’d be married and all would be behind them.  

He promised he would try, but failed miserably, uncertainty nagging at him day and night.

Juliska did the only thing she could think of to relieve his fears, revealing one final secret she had not yet shared. One meant only for Edward. One she intended on telling him after their wedding. She hoped, the perfect gift to start their new lives together. A secret that would forever change the life and death of Edward Gillivray.

She told him this secret just a few days before the wedding. He couldn’t believe what she was telling him but he was happy, beyond words. Nothing else mattered. His heart calmed, filled only with the promise of the future they would create together.

Then, it happened. The trickery. The betrayal.

For the immortal Fazendiin learned of Juliska’s secret as well. It was his trickery that put Edward into the arms of a stranger and spread distrust and hatred into the heart of Juliska Blackwell.

After his unwilling betrayal, Edward knew. Without a doubt, he knew it was Jurekai Fazendiin that had done this to him, and to Juliska, to sway her back to his side, away from the Svoda. She may not know it yet, or believe it if he told her, but she belonged to Fazendiin now. She would never be free. He had poisoned her against him and nothing he could do would change that.

He did not know what lay in store for her future or the future of the Svoda, but he did know one thing: his short human life would never be long enough. Juliska now had forever. He needed a way to be immortal with her, if he were to ever prove to her what Fazendiin had done, and save her from the growing darkness in her heart.

Edward did not have an Immortality Stone at his beck and call, so he did the only thing he could think of... he wrote Juliska a final goodbye, “I’ll always love you, even beyond my end,” and took his own life, knowing he would forever wander this plane between life and death.

The only way to gain immortality of his own, to remain and assist the one thing that could save the woman he loved. To possibly bring her back to the light and out of the darkness. You see, the secret Juliska revealed to him, the one thing that made him know without a doubt that he needed to exist in some form, forever, was that she was...

   “Oh that’s interesting,” said Kalila to her sister Kalida.
   “Yes, I quite agree. I literally cannot write the words. I suppose that means we’ve told the story we are meant to tell, Sister.”
   “Yes, sad though, we were just getting to the juicy bit.”
   They glanced up at the ghostly frame of Edward Gillivray.
   “Sorry, ladies. I’m afraid that’s where I must stop the story. It’s too soon for the rest to be revealed. It’s a secret that must be explained properly, cautiously,” he added with a pause. “I may straddle both worlds, but really, I don’t belong to either. I am not permitted to enter the world of the living as I please. And there’s no entry for me into the afterlife. But the moment is coming. The time when I will be drawn from this place and reappear into the world of the living. I can feel it, drawing closer. The one moment when Juliska Blackwell will be ready to hear and believe what I must tell her. What I must show her. The only moment I might be able to save her from a future of complete darkness and horror.”  
   “Why not confront Juliska? While she was here? Could that not have stopped all of this from happening?” asked Kalida curiously. “Saved countless lives?”
   “I wish beyond words that I could have. That I could have ended all this before it had a chance to start. But this middle ground, the in-between world in which I will forever reside, does have rules. If it’s not the right time for something to happen, it won’t allow it. After all, it’s not only my plight, my journey, at stake. It’s why Meghan and Colin Jacoby came to me here in Grimble, with the Svoda. This is where their journey was meant to begin. I could not tell them everything. No more than I can you. Only what was necessary for them to take the next steps on their journey.”
   Edward’s ghostly body drifted back and forth as if pacing while he spoke.
   “Sometimes, an unfortunate side effect of letting nature takes its course is that many will suffer, for true progress cannot happen without it. For reasons none of us fully understand, we must suffer before real change can happen. It’s part of being human. Magical blood coursing through our veins or not, we are still human. And as humans we are flawed. Something made so much clearer upon death.”  
   “How true, how true,” replied Kalila with an edge of sadness.
   “Will good win?” asked Kalida, daringly. “The outcome of all this is the one thing I cannot see.”
   “I do not know,” admitted Edward. “Outcomes can change depending on the wills of the living. Too long has the magical community sat back and ignored the signs in front of them, allowing evil to grow and spread. But if they can acknowledge this, and find the strength to overcome their fears, rather than run and hide from it, then yes, I think good can win this round.”
   “This round?” asked Kalida.
   Edward smiled wearily. “The desire for power will always exist.”
   “Another unfortunate truth,” agreed Kalida.  
   “And once you’ve finished all you sacrificed yourself to do, Edward, what then?” asked Kalila.
   “I don’t really think about that. One can't worry about a future destined to continue, forever, in some form or another. But don’t worry about me... my fate is sealed. I think there are two ladies whose business is now finished, though.”
   “Well, I guess it is time for us to be off then,” said Kalida. “Are you ready?” she asked her sister.
   “I can hear the brandy sloshing into the teacups,” she answered, tossing her sister a mischievous wink.
   “Oh, how delightful. I can practically taste it.” She licked her lips and lifted her arm. “Will you escort us?” she asked Eddy.
   He sighed. “I might as well tag along.” He floated in the middle of them, wrapping an arm inside each of theirs, their ghostly frames rising higher and higher.
   The Jackal sisters shot him a courageous smile as he let go, his body dropping, leaving them to dematerialize and vanish into nothing. He could not help but chuckle when the scent of warmed brandy wafted down to him.
   “They were the life of the party during life, and they’ll be the life of the party in the afterlife. Farewell Dear, Ladies. Farewell.”
   Edward Gillivray returned to Grimble.
   To wait. 
   For the one moment he’d sacrificed his life for. The one moment he hoped would change the world, and save the ones he loved. 

Thanks so much for reading!

I wish I could give a more definitive date on publication, 
but as I'm working on both books 8 and 9, I don't dare guess. I inevitably end up being wrong when I try :) But I promise just as soon as I do know, I'll pass it along to all of you. If you're not, sign up for Book Release Alerts to get notified! Or enter the Giveaway where you can sign up and enter to win all at once!

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Witches of The Demon Isle- Going Amazon Exclusive!

The winds of change just don't seem to be letting up! 

As of 07/18/2014, Witches of The Demon Isle is going exclusive with Amazon Kindle!

I apologize to ALL readers if you're searching for these titles on other book retailers!

The Good News: 

Starting in the next couple weeks (I'll post updates) you'll be able to read the books on Kindle for FREE (if you're enrolled in Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited). 

You will need a Kindle or the FREE Kindle App to read. 

Check back soon for new links and info!

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Demon Isle Makeover & Volume 5 Update on Publication Progress

First- Vol 5 is in the early publication process! I'll keep everyone updated as it comes along :) Vol's 6-7 are still being finished. I REALLY wanted to release them a few days apart, but it will be a few weeks due to my moving from Utah to Maine... the journey starts in about a week! I'll be writing my way across the U.S. though.

Second- After MUCH thought and advice seeking, I've decided to give The Demon Isle Witches a makeover. This series is meant for teens and we're remaking it as such. (Stories are the same, just new covers and titles for each volume-see more below).

Third:  The above makeover will assist in the following, as per previously mentioned in a recent Book News & Alert Update....

A Full Disclosure Notice: I have gotten numerous messages/requests, wanting to know if there might ever be an "Adult" version of this series, since the characters are of that age. Meaning certain steamier scenes not fading to black and such :) Now admittedly, while this is not my area of expertise writing wise, I have decided to collaborate with another author to make this available to those who have asked for it. You ask, and I do my best to give you what you want!

To be perfectly clear: The Demon Isle Witches will continue as it is currently! Young Adult friendly, as I write them now. But sometime this spring/summer, there will be a new series called, Wicked Good Witches (The Demon Isle, Uncut).

It will be very clear that it is an adult version (not for readers under 18)!

The covers will look completely different, it will have a pen name that I and this other author will choose for our collaboration, it will have its own website/email list... it will be separate from my Young Adult titles.... there will be no confusion as to what's what. 

So in order to make all this happen, we're giving the YA version a nice makeover as well. 

You'll start to see these new covers popping up on the website, and in online bookstores over the next week or so. 

Here's a preview of the New Witches of The Demon Isle...